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Agile and Scrum Overview

Agile Tell me, how many consecutive years did you fail to accomplish your New Year’s promises and long-term plans for the next year? Long-term plans are just a way for human beings to feel less uncomfortable with the unknown. We kind of get the feeling we have control over stuff when we have a long-term plan. The point is that all of the sudden, on January 15th, when you think you are in control of your life, you receive an email with a job offer paying twice more than your current job or you simply get fired. What we don’t immediately realize is that a job offer paying twice more sometimes is not good (the job and people there are boring, they don’t care for development best practices, the

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Jorge Acetozi is a software engineer who spends almost his whole day having fun with things such as AWS, CoreOS, Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Cassandra, Redis, Elasticsearch, Graylog, New Relic, Sensu, Elastic Stack, Fluentd, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Java, Spring, and much more! He loves deploying applications in production while thousands of users are online, monitoring the infrastructure, and acting quickly when monitoring tools decide to challenge his heart’s health!

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