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Kubernetes Node Components: Service Proxy, Kubelet, and cAdvisor

In my last post, I discussed the roles of Kubernetes Master Components: Etcd, API Server, Controller Manager, and Scheduler. Now, let’s dive into Kubernetes Node Components. Kubernetes Node Components Basically, the Kubernetes node runs the Kubelet and Service Proxy components as well as a container engine such as Docker or Rocket, which in turns run your containerized applications and makes you and your customers very happy (Lol). Service Proxy The Service Proxy runs on each node and is responsible for watching the API Server for changes on services and pods definitions to maintain the entire network configuration up to date, ensuring that one pod can talk to another pod, one node can talk

Kubernetes Master Components: Etcd, API Server, Controller Manager, and Scheduler

Let’s take a look at the following Kubernetes architecture diagram: Well, this might look complicated at first glance, but actually, it’s not so much. I’m pretty sure that by the end of this article you will have a clear understanding of how these components interact with each other. Kubernetes Master Components The Kubernetes master runs the Scheduler, Controller Manager, API Server and etcd components and is responsible for managing the Kubernetes cluster. Essentially, it’s the brain of the cluster! Now, let’s dive into each master component. In production, you should set up Kubernetes with multiple masters for high availability. See how to build high-Availability clusters official guides

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